I had a very strict schedule when I came home from school when I was a kid. 

1.  Fruit leather. 
2.  Juice box. 
3.  Cartoons. 

And for a solid stretch of time from 1st to 5th grade, my cartoon of choice was "The Tiny Toon Adventures." 

So, now that I'm a man and I've traded in my fruit leather for low fat yogurt and my juice box for a slightly fancier juice box, I decided that I would watch some clips from my old favorite cartoon to remember the good times. 

And holy crap was I not ready for this. 

Were all the old cartoons I used to watch this insane?  I mean, I've never really had a huge desire to experiment with any mind-alerting substances...maybe that's because I got all the tripping out of my system with the Tiny Toons Adventures.  So, that's a good thing...I suppose.

Does anyone else want to throw out some of their favorite cartoons from their fruit leather years?  I think I need to investigate this some more.      

2/4/2009 12:28:49 am

I always liked that girl mindy on animaniacs.

2/4/2009 03:32:35 am


the one with the motorcycles

2/4/2009 04:22:19 am

I've tried mescaline and the old Nick Jr. cartoon "Noozles" is way trippier:


Though, I guess it's from Japan, so what do you expect.

2/4/2009 05:49:35 am

I totally remember this! The song will actually pop into my head every now and then. Too weird.

2/4/2009 08:30:56 am

Pretty sure Triangle Man is not a man.

2/5/2009 03:53:43 am

I was a Tom and Jerry, peanut butter on crackers girl. My kids watch Tom and Jerry occasionally(despite the violence :0) with their fruit snacks! (But not after school...no tv til 5:00, I'm a mean mum.) The Misadventures of Flapjack is my oldest's current fave cartoon. My youngest loves Power Rangers, Transformer cartoons. My 6 year old daughter just loves Zac Efron...yes, she's six and infatuated..


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