Is anyone else bothered that Tom Hanks not only has a myspace page, but regularly blogs on it, too.  I mean, this is Tom Hanks for god's sake.  The man won an Oscar for Philadelphia!  Shouldn't he be doing something a bit more dignified with his time than approving friend requests from Jimmy Buffet tribute bands and Tila Tequila?

Yes, this guy. 

Look, I'm not judging him for wanting to blog or whatever, but why does he have to do it on Myspace?  Let's just stop for a second and think about the types of people who regularly update their myspace account: 

1.  People who want to sell stuff (this is me). 
2.  People with sexy webcam pictures that Myspace won't allow them to show (this is not me). 
3.  People who are fifteen. 
4.  Tom Hanks. 

Okay, which of those doesn't belong? 

I mean, I could understand if Tom was just starting out as an actor and wanted to connect with a broader audience or something, but come on!  There's a goddamn chain of awful seafood restaurants named after one of the characters he played in a movie.  I'm guessing this means world wide "Tom Hanks recognition levels" are still pretty high. 

Author's note:  you don't want to go here.  You really don't. 

I'm not mad at Tom Hanks...I'm just confused.

12/13/2008 11:02:45 am

I think he's trying to be hip during his almost midlife crisis! (Great actors can have those too!)
Or he saw that his son , Colin, had an account...

12/16/2008 03:58:37 am

tom hanks is also what i call my junk muscle. I haven't made a myspace for him yet. maybe i should. my junk muscle would have at least 89 friends *wink wink*

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