I mean, not that you need a blog to tell you that.  From all available evidence, Tracy is a fine human being with neat stuff going on in his life and a very cool blog

But let's just go ahead and throw another log of confidence on the fire. 


And here was his caption: 

Cat:  That's the biggest doggone booger I have ever seen. 

Reasons why this won: 

1.  He kept it classy. 

Don't get me wrong, I loved the non-classy entries (especially Katie's and Mario's), but Tracy read the rules and delivered a caption that fit snugly in the parameters.  Bravo to you, sir. 

2.  I think booger jokes are funny. 

Maybe it's because I'm working on a middle grade book right now, but I've suddenly developed a newfound appreciation for booger and fart jokes.  Which is a pretty big shift from my usual "penis and meth" humor.  This is what is known as artistic evolution. 

Anyway, Tracy, please email me your address (benjamin.esch@gmail.com) and we will get Tina Ferraro's "The ABC's of Kissing Boys" delivered to you at double speed. 

Okay, time for some other announcements: 

1.  The free copies of Sophomore Undercover are on their way, I assure you. 

So, they're either in a factory somewhere in China, on a boat somewhere, in a warehouse in New Jersey, or on a bus somewhere or something.  Okay, to be perfectly honest, I have no goddamn idea where the books are. 

But, I've been assured that they will be arriving soon.  So, yeah...the books are still coming.  For reals. 

2.  I got interviewed. 

By the very cool Gabrielle over at innovativeteen.blogspot.com.  The link is here if you want to check out the interview.  So, you know, if you don't feel like you get enough of my thoughts about stuff on this blog, this might be a good place for you to go. 

Also, Gabrielle did a really good job with the questions and she has a very cool website, so maybe you should just go ahead and click over because of that. 

2/17/2009 06:37:12 am

Thank you, thank you (bowing or should I say bow-wow)

Ben, you're hilarious. I'll send my address your way.

Thanks for the accolades and props to CROSSING CHALK.

2/17/2009 08:14:03 am

2/17/2009 08:15:41 am

oops. premature clicking

very cool interview, Ben.

yay, tracy (tho i think mine was better.. i'm not bitter.). No, seriously, good for you. I'll try again. Next contest.. it'll be me

2/17/2009 12:54:59 pm

hahaha you are so funny, I love your lists.

2/17/2009 10:07:29 pm

and besides tracy is a girls name. so there...
no.. i'm not bitter.

2/18/2009 02:16:38 am


2/18/2009 03:27:06 am

Congrats, Boogerboy! (I mean that in a nice way, Tracy!) :0)
I liked your interview, too, Ben! Interesting stuff! Looking forward to reading your book once it escapes the warehouse.

2/18/2009 02:11:26 pm

Tracy: No thank you for your superior captioning skills.

Monica: Your caption was awesome. I thought about naming you the winner out of my deep respect for you and the great nation of Canada, but decided that my website couldn't handle the subsequent scandal. Don't worry. You will be a winner soon.

Brittany: Thanks for the lists love. I like my lists, too, but it's always good to hear that somebody else out there appreciates them as well.

Monica X2: Tracy is a girl's name. You know, for some reason I think having a name that can go either way makes you like doubly strong. For example, every dude I have ever met named Kelly could fully rip my face off in a street fight. I'm not sure why this is though.

W: <3 right back at ya, buddy.

Kelly: Man, I really hope the books have escaped the warehouse. Warehouse and book update to come soon.

Monica X1
2/18/2009 10:00:09 pm

Well, Ben Esch. I am a winner just for knowing you. And you're right, i dont want to be a part of any Canada/US scandal. (BO is coming here today, btw. We'll take good care of him. Do you think he knows his initials are awkward like that? i never thought of it before i just typed it like that. I hope he doesnt read this blog. Well, i hope he does. But doesnt read the comments. Ohgod i'm going to start a scandal, arent i?)

I know a guy named Kelly. I dont know if he could rip your face off, but he looks pretty fit. He doesnt have your mad comedy skills, tho. We call him Jimmy, for reasons unknown to me.

I know a guy named Ben with a brother named Stacy. That's pretty random.


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