Hey readers,

Some very cool things are going to be happening this Sunday at the West Hollywood Book Fair

1.  I'm gonna get a muffin from Joans.  Goddamn do I love muffins, and they make these super delicious ones that are super dense and have some kind of crunchy corn meal stuff thrown in and I'm too lazy to drive over to Beverly Hills on a normal day, but book fair days are special. 

2.  I will be signing books/available for pleasant conversation at the LAYA (Los Angeles Young Adult Authors) table. 

3.  Some super talented kids are gonna act out a scene from "Sophomore Undercover" along with scenes from nine other really great books.  Trust me on this one, I saw the rehearsals.  This is going to be legit. 

Here's the lineup:

1 to 1:45 on the Teen Stage 

"Duplikate" by Cherry Cheva. 

"Hottie" by Jonathan Bernstein

"All About Vee" by Leigh Purtill

"Kids Inventing! -- A Handbook for Young Inventors" by Susan Casey

"Side Effects" by Amy Koss

2:30 to 3:15 on the Teen Stage

"Danger Boy" by Mark London Williams

"Snap" by Carol Snow

"The Heights the Depths and Everything in Between" by Sally Nemeth

"Simon Bloom, Gravity Keeper" by Mark London Williams

"Sophomore Undercover" by Ben Esch

So, if you've got some free time this Sunday and you know from personal experience what Randy Newman's singing about here --
Author's note:  I live by the Burrito King sign they show about a minute or so in.  And in case you're wondering, I like LA.  Love?  I don't know...that's a pretty strong word, and I have commitment issues. 

-- Then you should stop by the West Hollywood Book fair and have some good times with literary minded people.  Plus, I think they sell funnel cakes, and that's always good. 

Also, I will be making my acting debut as "Big Bob" in "The Heights the Depths and Everything in Between."  Just in case some of you guys needed some extra motivation. 

10/6/2009 06:41:35 am

Make sure you record this!!!

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