I listen to music when I write.  

Specifically, I listen to the Ratatat CD “The Classics” when I write.  Every time that I write.  For the past two years.    

I love this video on so many levels

Now, I realize this sounds pretty weird (Author’s note: Actually, it sounds weird to an uncomfortable degree.  Like, if anyone else told me they did this, I’d be a hundred percent certain they had a human skin suit or something equally creepy in their closet.  So, just so everyone knows, I don’t do anything like that.  I swear.  I just really like Ratatat.  Cool?  Don’t call the FBI.  Everything’s great.)   

But I’m going to keep listening to this same Ratatat CD, because I think it makes me write better. 

And this leads me to my number one rule of writing:  

1. Don’t question the magic, or it might go away. 

I believe that CD has magic that makes me a better writer, and I’m going to keep riding that out until I don’t believe it anymore.  

And if you think something makes you write better, you should keep rolling with that, too.    

And that’s my advice.    

Author's note: Disregard this advice if you think your magic is alcohol or drugs.  Seriously, that alcoholic writer shit hasn't been cool since Hemingway.

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