Hey readers,

You guys sent in some incredible cat jokes to help our friend D.J Fitzgerald with his book, and today I am pleased to announce the winner of the cat joke extravaganza.  Enjoy: 

Thanks to everyone for your submissions.  More contests/videos of me in sexy sweaters to be coming soon. 

1/16/2009 12:16:01 pm

What do you get when you combine one garish sweater, one creepy fist-shaking cat, one microphone from the 1980's and canned laughter?

24 carat comedic gold, that's what.

1/16/2009 01:59:51 pm

Paul: Why thank you, kind sir. Little known fact: ladies love Cosby sweaters. Don't ask me why, they just do.

kinda sorta
1/16/2009 03:12:50 pm

that made my penis muscle HURT

1/16/2009 03:13:23 pm


1/16/2009 03:17:44 pm

Kinda Sorta: Uhh...thank you? If this keeps up, you should really see a medical professional, though.

Lindsay: And a thank you to you as well. Unless your "WOW" was referring to Kinda Sorta's comment. Because I can understand where you would be coming from on that, as well.


1/17/2009 06:03:01 am

YES! Can't wait for my certificate.

1/17/2009 08:02:38 am

love the cat jokes, lovely sweater (i think my mom has one just like it)
but that last bit? just a tiny bit creepy, there, Ben Esch.

oh, and kinda sorta? you're weird. in a .. um... in a weird way.

1/18/2009 09:02:44 am

Mark: Thanks again for the great cat joke! Now, when I said "the certificate of achievement is in the mail" I meant that more along the lines of "I am picking out my favorite crayons to make the certificate of achievement." But seriously, that will be on its way real soon.

Monica: well, that was actually a woman's sweater, so I can see how it might look similar to your mom's. Wow...that makes two instances of cross dressing on this site. I need to get that under control.

1/19/2009 10:21:53 am

OMG! That was so freaking funny!
I'm feline bad that I didn't submit a joke now...Next contest!

1/19/2009 04:44:47 pm

Kelly: If it makes you feel any better, you have the funniest cat joke in all of the comments. Top notch, Kelly. Top notch.


1/20/2009 12:23:09 pm

so its good to see that your joke fetish has not subsided with age. I do have to say though that the creepiness in which you deliver your jokes has increased in a cosby sweater wearing unibomber way! and it totally works for you!!!!

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